Book Review: The Wedding and Disaster of Felona Mabel

Kenn Bivins

Genre: Urban Fiction, Contemporary Fiction

Publisher: Invisible Ennk Press

ISBN 978-0-9853707-2-5

Felona Mabel is a successful news reporter who is engaged to me married. She believes everything is going well until she has to return to her hometown of Nathaniel. Felona’s mother is dying and she must return to handle her mother’s affairs. At this point of the story, Felona’s spirit changes as she tends to her mother’s wishes.

She needs the closure from a mother who didn’t know how to love, teach or care for her. She has to deal with the issues with her mother in order to move on. She also has to continue preparations for her wedding. As the story continues, Felona goes through some twists and turns as we meet new characters that affect her journey

The Wedding and Disaster of Felona Mabel was a compelling story of a mother and daughter relationship and how it affected the daughter’s life. I am drawn to main characters dealing with family dynamics because it makes for an interesting read. I almost always pick a side while anticipating the outcome, which keeps me glued to the pages. Bivins’ writing style does not disappoint making sure readers fully invest in his characters. The cover is a beautiful depiction of the Felona, which alone makes you want to read this book. I will definitely pick up another book by this author who writes with depth and meaning.

About the Reviewer

Teresa Beasley is a freelance writer, book reviewer, book publicist and lover of all things books. After a trip to her local library at the age of ten, Teresa’s love for books grew and now she can’t leave home without one. She is the founder of Authors & Readers Book Corner and Got’cha Covered PR and currently working on her debut novel. She resides in Indianapolis, In with her husband.



Book Review: The Education of Margot Sanchez

Lilliam Rivera

Genre: Young Adult, Urban Fiction

Publisher: Simon & Schuster BFYR

ISBN 978-1-4814-7211-1

Margot Sanchez is a typical teenager all about self. She is definitely about herself when she takes her father’s credit card on a shopping spree. Margot does not think about consequences until her father makes her work off the debt in the family store. It is not enough that Margot has to deal with an over bearer brother and Moises her irritating neighbor, but having to work in the store and give up summer will push her over the edge.

The Education of Margot Sanchez was a true account of a teenager’s life. It deals with family dynamics and relationships along with some other twists and turns. The author does a wonderful job allowing readers into the lives of a Latina family. The different interactions Margot encounters throughout the story kept me turning the pages. I was able to learn more about the Latina culture through Margot and her parents.

The characters were well developed making it easier to relate to them. I love books that leave readers with a message or lesson to learn especially if it can be used in everyday life. This book had different issues within it but the main character had to learn responsibility, to think of others and understand why there are consequences to each action you take.

I recommend this book to others and believe it would be a wonderful addition to high school libraries.

About the Reviewer

Teresa Beasley is a freelance writer, book reviewer, book publicist and lover of all things books. After a trip to her local library at the age of ten, Teresa’s love for books grew and now she can’t leave home without one. She is the founder of Authors & Readers Book Corner and Got’cha Covered PR and currently working on her debut novel. She resides in Indianapolis, In with her husband.





Author and Business Owner: Dorothy Thompson

Dorothy Thompson has had a love for books ever since second grade when her teacher asked the class to write an essay about their summer vacation. What’s a second grader to do but not only write the essay but put it in a handmade book? Seeing her name on the cover was the beginning of her quest and lifetime goal to become a published author. Dorothy carried on that dream with the publication of a children’s book and then her anthology, Romancing the Soul: True Stories of Soul Mates From Around the World and Beyond, and then with the start-up of her company, Pump Up Your Book, in 2007. Her next book is titled Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Soul Mates and Were NOT Afraid to Ask, due to be released soon.

Dorothy’s syndicated relationship columns have appeared in publications in the U.S. and abroad such as eNotAlone, SistersDiva Magazine, MindBodySpirit Magazine, Singles Cafe, SinglesStop, Innerself, Single Again, Free Spirit Centre, Holistic Harmony, SpiritualMinds, Self-Growth, Into the Mystic, Romance Stuck and many other relationship ezines as well as The Eastern Shore News and The Daily Times, both Gannet Publications.  She has been quoted in such books as Mean Girls Grown  Up:  Adult Women Who Are Still Queen Bees, Middle Bees, and Afraid-to-Bees and the supermarket tabloid, Ok! Magazine.  She has also appeared on such shows as Lifetime Radio, Single Talk (World Talk Radio) with Alicia Silverman, Around 2It, Cuzin Eddie Show with Penny Sansevieri, 850 KOA-AM (Clear Channel Radio with listeners in 38 states, Canada and Mexico), A Book and a Chat with Barry Eva and other media outlets.


How did you get started in the literary industry?

Thanks for interviewing me, Teresa! Oh gosh this goes back. My first book was published back in 2001. It was a children’s book I had written when my kids were little. I had submitted to traditional publishers through the mail and I received back nice letters, but it was a no go. I found an e-publisher who accepted the book but it was a little too early for a children’s ebook. This was before Kindle, Nook, etc. My next adventure was a collection of true soul mate stories from people who submitted to me called Romancing the Soul: True Stories of Soul Mates From Around the World and Beyond. I also published several ebooks through my website about soul mates and book promotion, as well as contributing to anthologies and writing articles for newspapers and the web. So, it was a progression really. But if you really want to know how I got my start, I want to put in a kudos to my English college professor who encouraged me, thus setting the ball rolling.


Are you an author? Tell us about your book.

I am! I mentioned it above, but my main love is my soul mate anthology. The idea came to me in a dream after my twin soul died. I didn’t even know about twin souls at the time but after research into the different kinds of soul mates, I narrowed it down to the twin soul connection.  After my twin soul died, he came to me in a dream and told me to tell the world our story and more or less inform people that soul mates do indeed exist. He told me to call it Romancing the Soul. I jumped out of bed, wrote down what was told me and went back to sleep. In the morning, there it was – the rough draft of Romancing the Soul. I know it sounds far-fetched, but it happened and Romancing the Soul was picked up by a small press publisher and published in 2004.

Before Romancing the Soul, I had published several ebooks on my website and sold them that way. This was before the birth of the Kindle store. And that’s about when I started to dive into book promotion.  I wanted to know how I could get these books sold and it was through all this research I found ways to sell them which led to becoming interested in book publicity. I had an author ask me at the time if I could do to her ebook what I did to mine and I laughed because I wasn’t a book publicist. Little did I know, this was the beginning of another adventure.

I will be having more books come out hopefully this year – one is a book titled Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Soul Mates and Were NOT Afraid to Ask and I’m in the process of putting together a book about book publicity. So many books, so little time as they say.


You are known as a speaker, tell us about some of your topics.

I speak on the topic of soul mates. I try to help people realize that there are many kinds of soul mates and everyone has at least one and I can prove it to them.


What motivates you? Do you have a favorite quote?

When you’re lying in bed and you can’t wait to get up to do your work, that’s the biggest motivation in the world. When I feel like throwing up my hands, I jump start my mojo by getting out of the house and taking walks in the park. Nothing like it. I do have a quote I love – Every morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most. In other words, make each day count. Make your mark on the world and leave a legacy of love, hope and encouragement for others.


You are known to write for a variety of magazines and have won awards for your company. What advice would you give to a person wanting to become an author or start a business in this industry?

I love this question. I’ve heard this question asked of the authors I represent and most of them say just do it. Procrastination is evil. Determination should be the forerunner of anyone whether they are writing a book or starting a business. Believe in what you love. We’ll all get rejections. The stronger ones will learn from it, improve on it and keep on going. All you have to do is do your homework. In the case of being an author, study other authors who have written books like yours but have done very well for themselves. What did they do to get there? Were they published by a traditional house or were they self-published? Depending on which route you prefer to go, follow those authors who have paved the way. Their journey is very educational. In the case of starting a business in this industry, don’t go in wet behind the ears. Learn the ropes. What other companies are out there who do what you want to do? Study, study, study.  A new company might sound like fun, but is there too much competition? How can you stand out from the competition so people will come to you? So much to think about but don’t go into it blind. Do. Your. Homework.


Tell us about Pump Up Your Book.

Pump Up Your Book was started back in 2007 after I had authors ask me to help them promote their books. I love writing, but learning how to sell is a whole different ballgame and I was determined to find that magic key to book sales. I had heard of virtual book tours, but not many people were doing them at the time. Actually, there were only two virtual book tour companies out there at the time I started Pump Up Your Book – one was charging thousands and the other one had folded. Remember what I said about do your homework? I pounced on the opportunity. I was going to set up virtual book tours for a fraction of the price the other one company was doing them for but that wasn’t all. I was going a few steps beyond that and concentrate on the wonderful opportunity the social media could have for promoting books. What was great about this idea was that I could do it all from the comfort of my home and quit the offline working world. I had the love of books, love of communicating with other authors like myself and I could support myself doing it. Nothing like it.


What services do you provide?

We concentrate mainly on virtual book tours but we also have a book review service. Our packages can be found at here.  We have represented traditionally published authors as well as self-published.

For those who aren’t familiar with virtual book tours, it’s a publicity campaign for your book where you will appear on blogs that your tour coordinator sets up for you. It’s mainly all about exposure.


Do you work with all genres?

Yes, with the exception of porn.


 If an author wanted to use your services, how should they contact you?

You can either email me at or fill out a form here.


What is next for you and Pump Up Your Book?

What I’ve learned about this business is that it changes from day to day. What works one day might not work tomorrow. There is always something new out there to help authors sell their books and you gotta be on your toes. Learning never stops. Don’t ever stagnate. I have learned that you are your book’s lifeline and you can never stop getting the word out there about your book no matter if it is release day or three years after release day. No matter how long your book has been on sale, don’t let those sales die. That’s the theory behind why I do what I do. The author can’t do it alone.  The most successful books have teams behind them with the same convictions you have. I take on each book as if it’s my own. Would I want my book on such and such blog?  Ah, I digress. I’m hoping Pump Up Your Book remains an ever-changing progression of book publicity services that help authors get the word out about their books. As for me, taking the time to get my own work out there is hard, but the goal is to get two books out this year, more next year. Thank you for this interview and it’s been a pleasure!


You can visit her website at, or visit her at Twitter ( and Facebook (


Book Review with; Loyal to Her Badge

Loyal to Her Badge

Portuguese Hodges

Genre: Urban Fiction

Publisher: G Street Chronicles

ISBN-10: 1940574692

ISBN-13: 978-1940574691


What would you do for family? Shanequa Leonard answers the question in Loyal to Her Badge by Portuguese Hodges. After learning Busta Freemont, a drug Lieutenant was the cause of her grandmother’s death, Shanequa decides to take matters into her own hands. It is true women can be stubborn at times especially when it comes to getting what they want and the main character is this book is no exception.

Shanequa goes against her captain by going undercover as a stripper to get close to Busta to take his whole operation down. As time goes by the plan, falters because Shanequa starts to fall in love with him instead of continuing the hate she was supposed to have for him. She then finds herself in the middle of Busta’s foolishness and the bad side of his world, which has her running for her life. On the other hand, when you have a drug king after you it makes you look a life a little different.

In Loyal to Her Badge, readers find a determine agent trying to get justice for her family and friends. As the story progresses readers find a woman trying to survive a dangerous situation after realizing she is in over her head. I enjoyed the journey Shanequa took me on while reading this book. It was entertaining, suspenseful and the twists and turns were worth it.

I rooted for her throughout the book and could relate to her not listening to authority (her captain) because she had to do this for herself. This book shows the making of a powerful woman who was not afraid to fight for what she believed in and sticking through it when everything went wrong. I recommend this book to others and look forward to reading more by this author.

About the Reviewer

Teresa Beasley is a freelance writer, book reviewer, book publicist, and lover of all things books. After a trip to her local library at the age of ten, Teresa’s love for books grew and now she can’t leave home without one. She is the founder of Authors & Readers Book Corner and Got’cha Covered PR and currently working on her debut novel. She resides in Indianapolis, In with her husband.

Author Friday; Jillian Jacobs

Jillian Jacobs is a writer of paranormal and contemporary genres with a suspenseful element twist to them. Jacobs is the co-founder of Healing with Words—a not for profit agency established for healing survivors of abuse, addiction, trafficking, and prostitution. The mission is to bring together readers, authors, and survivors in a positive manner that affects change and relief from negative influences. Writers on The River, an author event in Peoria, Illinois is hosted by Healing with Words.

Jillian stopped by to tell us a little about her publishing journey, two of her published series and what new projects she is working on:

Tell us about your publishing journey.

I started in the spring of 2013 by joining a local chapter of Romance Writers of America. I am only here because of two women who supported me in the beginning, TC Winters and LaNora Mangano. I had to relearn grammar. Okay, I still don’t know anything about commas, but I did have to learn how to write a romance properly. As a writer, you must keep the thought of character growth in mind, building the romance, and keeping the pace fast. I have a fantastic editor so my journey has been eased by her guidance, along with my fantastic author friends and my Mom and sister, who do not hold back anything when it comes to what works and what doesn’t. And I love it!

What genres do you write in?

I write paranormal, romantic suspense, mystery, and lately contemporary.

What are four things you believe every author should have when starting a writing career?

Steel spine, marketing knowledge, love of self, and belief in your product. Oh, and a gaggle of author friends. Sorry, that’s five. The author friends are the most important part for me.

Do you believe writers should be avid readers?

YES! I read like a crazy person. I love to see how other authors use pacing, and break so-called writing “rules.”

What has been the most challenging thing for you as a writer?

Obtaining new readers.

What has been the most rewarding thing for you as a writer?

Honestly, I love my author friends and I love my gals I am working with at Writers On The River- our book signing in Peoria, IL. The two charities, Thistle Farms and The Center for Prevention of Abuse, are fantastic not for profits and knowing we’re helping them out even in a small way, makes me glow inside.

For more info on the signing visit:

Tell us about Green Moose Productions.

I like green and I like moose, so the logo was born. I’m a marketer by day, so I felt a strong, memorable logo was important.

Tell us about the Elemental series.

This is a three-book series. For best reading experience read in order, Water’s Threshold, Fire’s Field, and Air’s Vision. Creating characters who survive and can morph into their element was a blast.

Tell us about the O-line series.

This is more of a suspense, mystery series. Books are stand alone, but you can read in order too. Ember’s Center, Rachel’s Guard, Maude’s Score, Clayton’s Star.

What new projects are you working on?

I’m finalizing the second novella. For April, Book #1 releases on 4/22, so For Ryan is coming in June. I have two weeks before it needs to be to my editor, Anya Breton. Also, I plan on starting Erik’s book in the O-Line series.

Tell us where readers can find you.




Amazon Author Page:



Thanks so much for this opportunity!

Author Friday; Savannah Jackson

Savannah J. was born and raised in Wilmington, Delaware in an Italian neighborhood affectionately referred to as “Little Italy”. The unconditional love and support of her family and influence of her environment fostered her love and talents in the Arts. Subsequently, during her college years, she studied music and literature, which fed her passion for writing.

She is the author of Toward the Light and the sequel The Prodigal Son, Behind Closed Doors, The Prey and Raising Tristan. She is also the founder and organizer and host of The Annual Authors Literary Festival, which was held yearly in the Richmond Virginia Metro Area. Savannah is currently taking an extended break from The Annual Authors Literary Festival to focus on her writing but plans to one day bring it back.

In her spare time she enjoys reading, watching movies, traveling and spending time with family and friends. Savannah J. currently resides in Virginia with her son and family. For more information see her website at or email her at