Boost your Business with a Book Workshop!

There’s a new workshop coming to Diamond M’Press Publications. The workshop will debut on March 5 and it is called Boost your Business with a Book. I’m really excited about this workshop because this is geared towards the entrepreneurs. There are a lot of people in the literary industry who start off as simply writing or blogging but then go into business such as an editor or cover designer or publisher. However, there are many people outside of the literary industry who could really use this workshop. If you are a cake designer or in construction or design this workshop is for you. It’s for anyone in any type of business who’s looking to gain new clients or customers. I take you step-by-step answering the question of why you should publish a book to boost your business. I know that there are many people who are not into writing books in their profession but sometimes it’s always a good idea to step into a different arena to find new clients. If you were trying to find different ways to boost your business, this workshop will be really interesting for you. We talk about target marketing, marketing, writing the book and the different elements of publishing a book which include, organizing, writing, editing, cover design and much more. Again, the workshop starts on March 5.

Click the link for more details. I hope to see you there!

-Your Literary Mentor

Dominique Watson


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