Authors in Business; 4 Elements to Selling a Book Online

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I-Wrote-A-BookSo last week on Wednesday I wrote a blog about the five elements to selling a book in a book store. Today I want to talk about the four elements of selling a book online.

If you missed the blog last week, check it out here.

So the question is what makes a person buy a book when they go into a book store. What makes someone pick your book over the hundreds of books that are in the store if they didn’t have the intentions of buying your book?

When we go to an online store such as Books a Million, Barnes and Noble, Amazon or iBooks, we browse in different genres, look for our favorite titles but most times, there are new releases advertised on the home page. Books that are on sale or books that are relevant to your resent searches.

So what are the four elements to selling a book online? Let’s take a look.

  1. It’s going to be the cover/title. That’s for sure. No matter where any reader is, it’s going to be the cover and title that gets the readers attention.
  2. The reader is then going to click on the cover and read the synopsis. The synopsis should be error free and detailed enough to sell the book after the cover.
  3. If the synopsis is good enough for their liking, they are then going to the reviews. Now this can’t be done in a book store, however, readers who are browsing online are going to read the reviews. This is why you want to promote readers to leave reviews. Reviews are extremely important. They can sell your book.
  4. After readers read the reviews and are sold they will do one of two things. They will either download the sample or download the book. 

So in the elements of selling a book online, there are only four but the elements are mostly the same. Make sure the cover can sell. Make sure the synopsis can sell. Make sure readers are leaving reviews. Sell them with the first paragraph or chapter of the book. And if a reader decides to go outside of the book store or the online store, make sure your website sells them. Make sure your social media sites and bios sell you and your work. Cross all your “T’s” and dot all of your “I’s”.

Sell your books in any way you can. All elements are important.

-Your Literary Mentor


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How to Tuesdays; Schedule Book Releases

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img_0367It is a very good idea to schedule book releases for the coming months and year. Now this doesn’t mean that you have to follow this schedule to down to a “T”. There should always be room for change but scheduling your releases helps you plan for a few things.

Scheduling your book releases allows you to have enough time to finish the book and get it to the editor. It also allows you time to get it to the cover designer and save room for error.

Other things to keep in mind are simply the pre promotion of the book. Scheduling events around the book and more. All of this comes into play when you are releasing a book so it’s only right to prepare and plan for your release.

So how do you schedule book releases for the coming months or year?

First, you want to get out your calendar to be able to view the coming months. You then want to get a paper and pen to use to write out this list because we are going to place this list somewhere visible so we can be reminded of it.

Secondly, you need to think about the books you are looking to list within the next six months. (You don’t want to go further out than six months. Let’s keep it right at six months.) Think about the previous book you released. Are you working on a series? If so, it’s not smart to allow too much time in between releasing your books. (Unless, you’re James Patterson) So, you want to list the books starting with the book that needs to be released the most and the timing is right now.

How do I determine when exactly to publish a book?

Do not release a book once a month. You can, if you want. But, do not release a book every month unless you don’t really care if a book does not get as much attention as the others. Let me explain. When we release books, we spend a lot of time promoting that book. We dedicate time and energy to make sure it gets in front of our readers. But, if we are constantly releasing books and saying, “Oh, buy this one. Now buy this one. Wait! I have another one.” the books are not getting their proper time in the spotlight. Don’t do this. You will kill your book. One book or two will not get the proper attention and you will lose out on book sales, then the book gets lost in the pile. So schedule to release a book every quarter. (Jan-Mar) (Apr-Jun) (July-Sept) (Oct-Dec) Which means you are releasing about 3-4 books a year. If you release anything more than this, you won’t have time to edit or anything else. You won’t be focused on the book you are getting ready to publish because in the back of your mind is the one you just published or the one you are getting ready to publish.

Once you have made your list, you then want to place months and possibly days next to the title. This may change, but it gives you a road map to publication for that particular book.

I’ve read that publishing on a Tuesday is the best day of the week to publish a book. It’s the time when people are actually spending money to purchase books. The worst day, of course, would be Sunday. However, Friday is a good day too, simply because people shop the most on the weekend. But keep in mind, we are living in the digital age, where purchasing anything is at the tips of our fingers.

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Book Review: The Wedding and Disaster of Felona Mabel

Kenn Bivins

Genre: Urban Fiction, Contemporary Fiction

Publisher: Invisible Ennk Press

ISBN 978-0-9853707-2-5

Felona Mabel is a successful news reporter who is engaged to me married. She believes everything is going well until she has to return to her hometown of Nathaniel. Felona’s mother is dying and she must return to handle her mother’s affairs. At this point of the story, Felona’s spirit changes as she tends to her mother’s wishes.

She needs the closure from a mother who didn’t know how to love, teach or care for her. She has to deal with the issues with her mother in order to move on. She also has to continue preparations for her wedding. As the story continues, Felona goes through some twists and turns as we meet new characters that affect her journey

The Wedding and Disaster of Felona Mabel was a compelling story of a mother and daughter relationship and how it affected the daughter’s life. I am drawn to main characters dealing with family dynamics because it makes for an interesting read. I almost always pick a side while anticipating the outcome, which keeps me glued to the pages. Bivins’ writing style does not disappoint making sure readers fully invest in his characters. The cover is a beautiful depiction of the Felona, which alone makes you want to read this book. I will definitely pick up another book by this author who writes with depth and meaning.

About the Reviewer

Teresa Beasley is a freelance writer, book reviewer, book publicist and lover of all things books. After a trip to her local library at the age of ten, Teresa’s love for books grew and now she can’t leave home without one. She is the founder of Authors & Readers Book Corner and Got’cha Covered PR and currently working on her debut novel. She resides in Indianapolis, In with her husband.



Book Review: The Education of Margot Sanchez

Lilliam Rivera

Genre: Young Adult, Urban Fiction

Publisher: Simon & Schuster BFYR

ISBN 978-1-4814-7211-1

Margot Sanchez is a typical teenager all about self. She is definitely about herself when she takes her father’s credit card on a shopping spree. Margot does not think about consequences until her father makes her work off the debt in the family store. It is not enough that Margot has to deal with an over bearer brother and Moises her irritating neighbor, but having to work in the store and give up summer will push her over the edge.

The Education of Margot Sanchez was a true account of a teenager’s life. It deals with family dynamics and relationships along with some other twists and turns. The author does a wonderful job allowing readers into the lives of a Latina family. The different interactions Margot encounters throughout the story kept me turning the pages. I was able to learn more about the Latina culture through Margot and her parents.

The characters were well developed making it easier to relate to them. I love books that leave readers with a message or lesson to learn especially if it can be used in everyday life. This book had different issues within it but the main character had to learn responsibility, to think of others and understand why there are consequences to each action you take.

I recommend this book to others and believe it would be a wonderful addition to high school libraries.

About the Reviewer

Teresa Beasley is a freelance writer, book reviewer, book publicist and lover of all things books. After a trip to her local library at the age of ten, Teresa’s love for books grew and now she can’t leave home without one. She is the founder of Authors & Readers Book Corner and Got’cha Covered PR and currently working on her debut novel. She resides in Indianapolis, In with her husband.





Book Review with; Loyal to Her Badge

Loyal to Her Badge

Portuguese Hodges

Genre: Urban Fiction

Publisher: G Street Chronicles

ISBN-10: 1940574692

ISBN-13: 978-1940574691


What would you do for family? Shanequa Leonard answers the question in Loyal to Her Badge by Portuguese Hodges. After learning Busta Freemont, a drug Lieutenant was the cause of her grandmother’s death, Shanequa decides to take matters into her own hands. It is true women can be stubborn at times especially when it comes to getting what they want and the main character is this book is no exception.

Shanequa goes against her captain by going undercover as a stripper to get close to Busta to take his whole operation down. As time goes by the plan, falters because Shanequa starts to fall in love with him instead of continuing the hate she was supposed to have for him. She then finds herself in the middle of Busta’s foolishness and the bad side of his world, which has her running for her life. On the other hand, when you have a drug king after you it makes you look a life a little different.

In Loyal to Her Badge, readers find a determine agent trying to get justice for her family and friends. As the story progresses readers find a woman trying to survive a dangerous situation after realizing she is in over her head. I enjoyed the journey Shanequa took me on while reading this book. It was entertaining, suspenseful and the twists and turns were worth it.

I rooted for her throughout the book and could relate to her not listening to authority (her captain) because she had to do this for herself. This book shows the making of a powerful woman who was not afraid to fight for what she believed in and sticking through it when everything went wrong. I recommend this book to others and look forward to reading more by this author.

About the Reviewer

Teresa Beasley is a freelance writer, book reviewer, book publicist, and lover of all things books. After a trip to her local library at the age of ten, Teresa’s love for books grew and now she can’t leave home without one. She is the founder of Authors & Readers Book Corner and Got’cha Covered PR and currently working on her debut novel. She resides in Indianapolis, In with her husband.