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DMP’s Reader’s Corner; Locke and Keya

Highly educated, Keya Petal’s life is turned upside down when she gets involved with handsome, Locke. His illegal activity and long criminal record is not a huge enough red flag, but what is, is the physical, mental and emotional abuse he puts her through. Being in the mental health profession, will Keya take a seat on those same couches, she has her patients take comfort on? Or will she finally get the courage enough to walk away?

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Ashantay Keys is a new author under Creative Flow Publications. She has four published books to date titled, Intertwined, Stalking Alexis and Locke and Keya parts 1 & 2. She’s currently working on a new series in addition to completing Stalking Alexis, Too. She’s the mother of a college boy, a certified photo technician and she resides in California.





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DMP’s Reader’s Corner: Author Sultana Sams

Sultana Sams was born and raised in Savannah, GA but currently resides in Charlotte, NC. She is a mother of three kids.  She holds degrees in Accounting and Business and currently works in the Accounting field. Ever since a child, she used to read all day and night. Reading and writing has always been her passion. She is the author of Love, Sex and the Single Mom; Love, Sex and the Single Mom (part 2) and Driving Me Crazy. All books have received great reviews and she is excited to bring more.


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DMP’s Reader’s Corner; Miss Caramel

About the Book: Miss Caramel is a twenty four year old stripper who resides in Harlem. Although she is a beautiful mixed raced female, she faces a lot of negativity from the black females she attempts to befriend, because they feel she is not “hood” enough to hang out with them. As a result of self-esteem issues and trying to fit in she gets caught up in the drug game and starts sleeping around with boys from the hood. In addition to her self-esteem issues she must also fight through being a good mother, experiencing homelessness, being taken advantage of by her abusive children’s father, and trying to find love in all the wrong places. No matter which way she turns it seems like life and time is not on her side until she learns a valuable lesson that the only person she can really trust to love her wholeheartedly is HERSELF.


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About the Author: Nisha Brown is a native of Atlanta, GA but has resided in CA for the past ten years. She developed a love for writing in elementary school after being a major bookworm herself and spending most of her spare time reading. She was always the kid that had a great way with words. Even though she was a cheerleader and straight A student in her adolescent years she developed a wild teenage lifestyle that landed her in juvenile hall and the foster care system. In the system is where she crafted her writing skills even more because that was all she could do.  Her goal as an author is to tackle real life issues with women in general such as stripping, drugs, homelessness, low self-esteem, prostitution, bad relationships, and overall self-worth. Nisha takes pride in motivating others. In spite of the dark past he takes part in being quirky, funny, and fun. Currently she works as a supervisor at a call center and is putting a lot of focus in raising her two beautiful children.


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DMP’s Reader’s Corner: Stop Asking for Permission and Give Notice

About the Book: Author, Playwright, and all-around Writer, Charron Monaye shares her journey from pain to peace, outlining steps everyone can take to create an unapologetic life while removing toxic people and hardships. Faced with a divorce, eviction, unemployment, and emotional breakdowns, this single mother struggled to make ends meet and provide the basic necessities for her two children. Ultimately, she was faced with a decision: allow life’s challenges to overwhelm her or STAND UP and OWN her life.

Unlike countless self-help books that preach about the things one needs to do to “obtain” the right life, STOP Asking for Permission & Give Notice shares Charron Monaye’s insights to maintaining a life that is rich simply by owning it. She gives the reader access to her successes by focusing on the three areas of personal ownership that must be refined to bring true liberation, which she has termed “the 3 A’s” – Acknowledge, Accept, Attain. She makes clear that your legacy in life is not defined by your failures, personal decisions, or the opinions of others, but ordained to be exactly what YOU deem to be rewarding. It is time to give notice and dictate your life story instead of being directed to an outcome which may be unfulfilling.

STOP Asking for Permission & Give Notice offers provocative lessons, actionable tools, real-life situations, and coaching questions to help you accept responsibility, own your lessons, and begin the journey to live a life you desire today.
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About the Author: Charron Monaye is a writer who is not afraid to pen the thoughts, feelings, and truths that many hide out of fear. Her body of work spans over two decades to include: five published books, two produced stage plays, former contributing writer for CNN IReport, and content writer. In addition to building her own empire, she has helped many entrepreneurs build their businesses and brands through her personal coaching, publishing services and motivational books.

Transparent, respectful, and maternal are just a few adjectives used when describing Charron Monaye. She is a woman who is devoted to assisting others to reach their greatest potential by using what she has learned on her journey to help propel others towards theirs. Creating this legacy wasn’t always a bed of roses, but with determination and her therapeutic need to write, she mastered the skill of writing her way out of adversity, confusion, and heartbreak.

She has received numerous accolades for her literary contributions, collaborated with others to birth their projects, and published the works of new authors under her company, “Pen Legacy Publishing”. In 2013, she was honored in Cleveland, Ohio by the “Girls on Fire” organization where she received the Presidential Award and Best Independent Author Award. In 2014, her stage play “Why Can’t We Be Friends” won Best Real Life Drama Stage Play at the Playwright Awards in Queens, NY. In 2015, she was hired to pen theatrical scripts for Author Nicole Milner (Til Death Do Us Part) and Producer Franchella Simmons (Olivia: Lost & Turned Out). Both of these stage plays, not only gave range to Charron’s writing and storylines, it gave her the ability to speak life for and into someone else’s truths. Just recently, Millionaire Mogul Tiana Von Johnson named Charron Monaye as a “Woman Who Is Doing It Big “ at her Women Doing It BIG Conference in New York City. As you see, Charron Monaye is a force to be reckoned with and there is much success that awaits her.

She is a mother of 2 sons; Christopher and Craig. She has a B.A. in Political Science, Masters in Public Administration, and a certificate in Paralegal Studies and Life Coaching. She is a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Epsilon Rho Zeta Chapter, Order of Eastern Star, Ruth Chapter #66 (PHA~ PA), and The Visionaries Entrepreneur Network. Email:

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Facebook: @penlegacy
Twitter: @penlegacy
Instagram: @iamcharronmonaye
LinkedIn: @CharronMonaye

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DMP’s Reader’s Corner: A Twisted Love Affair

image1About the Book: Chenile Winters has the life her sister, Charisma and other women envy – a business, a home and a fiancé, but when she meets her fiancé’s dark and sexy friend, Trey Wilkes, her world suddenly spirals out of control.

Infidelity runs in her family and no matter how many times she promised herself she would never fall into that same trap, Chenile ends up in bed with Trey. A one night stand leads to something unexpected and turns into a heated affair. Though the guilt threatens to tear her apart, she can’t stop the affair and she can’t risk telling her fiancé because it would only break his heart, so the secrets began, but what happens when the wrong person learn of these secrets and use them as a perfect anecdote to destroy Chenile?

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image3About the Author:

Imani, is a fiction author from Virginia.  Her novels have been 5-star reads with overwhelming responses. Imani’s love of books and writing began at the tender age of twelve. While children her age were into toys and dolls, Imani kept herself occupied inside of the literary world. As a result, the library was, and still is, one of her most favorite places to visit.

Initially, Imani only wrote for herself, but after encouragement from her parents and other very close friends, she decided to share her passion for writing with the world.

With Imani’s unique style of writing, she hopes to bring something extraordinary to the world of mainstream literature. Of her writing, she says that it has just the right amount of drama, mystery/suspense, with erotica mingled in. Besides writing and reading, Imani loves music, movies, shopping and spending time with family and friends. Currently, Imani is working on the sequel to “A Twisted Love Story”.


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