Apps that help you Write!

Happy New Year!

I hope that everyone is having a wonderful season and 2015 has been GREAT so far!

In my first post of the year I wanted to talk about an app that I’ve found very helpful as a writer. Many of you know of NANO WRI MO. We use the month of November to kick out our best sellers. Of course we use the other months throughout the year but with NANO WRI MO, it is only once a year. I found an app that does almost the same thing anytime you want.

Now, I am an Apple lover. I love all apple products so I cannot speak for Android or anyone else but there is an app that I’ve fallen in love with that helps and motivates me to finish my books. It’s called “Write Count Dashboard” It is free in the itunes app store.

Basically what you do is, create a book to finish. You include the name of the book and when you want to be finished by as well as your target word count. It tells you your complete percentage, word remaining, current word count and more. You also receive awards for reaching certain points in your goal. It really is just like NANO WRI MO.

So go download it today and use January to finish your next best seller!

That’s my Literary Tea!
See ya next time!

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