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Authors in Business; 5 Elements to Selling a Book in a Book store

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Did you know there are five elements that sell your book when you aren’t around? They do this selling when you aren’t able to say, “Hey! This is a good book. Buy it!”

When a reader is in the store, do you ever wonder what exactly gets them to purchase your book amongst the hundreds of other books in the store if they didn’t come in to buy your book intentionally? Let me tell you what it is.

  1. The cover/The title. This grabs the readers attention immediately if they don’t know you. If they did, it would be your name alone but the first thing to grab a readers attention is the cover and/or title.
  2. Now that they have the book in their hands, they are flipping it over and reading the synopsis. You’ve reached step two. Good job on having an eye catching cover.
  3. The next element to sell your book is the first line, maybe even the first paragraph. If the reader has time to open the book and read the first line, you are more than half way there to getting this reader to buy your book. If you sell them on the first line or paragraph, then the reader is headed to step four.
  4. The price. There’s really nothing you can do about this step. If the price is right and their want for the book is great enough, they will buy it.
  5. The last two steps go together so technically there’s six but most of the time readers stop at five. It’s the bio. If your bio is on your book as it should be, the bio should sell them. If this is a series or you’ve written quite a few books in the genre or been around for some time or simply are a new author all of this should be in your bio and they should be interested enough to want to buy it. Now after they’ve done all of this, most readers, like myself, go online and google the author. They look for websites, social media pages, amazon author pages and more. And this should seal the deal in purchasing your book.

This is why it is so important for authors to have every one of these elements well put together because you just never know what is going to cause the reader to buy your book.

Tune in next Wednesday when I discuss the these five elements and apply them to purchasing a book online.

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IMG_1907Authors!!!! Do you have a book on sale? For free? DMP is putting together a list of books that are listed at a discounted price or free. This is perfect for those who offer the first book in their series for free. Allow us to notify our readers about your discounted book(s). This newsletter will be going out sometime in August or September. Your book does not have to be on sale for the entire month of August or September. It just needs to be on sale or free during the promotion of the book list.

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DMP has a Valentine’s Day Special!!! Get media content for your new release. DMP can write up professional content for you to use in the promotion of your next release or business venture! We can write interviews, create press releases, edit or write your synopsis/bios, create media kit content etc. Get the materials you need to promote your new release.

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Tuesday How to’s: How to Target my Market when my Followers are Everywhere.

Hello Readers and Happy Tuesday!

Today let’s talk about Target Marketing through Newsletters.

Newsletters are a great way to connect with your readers or your followers. Whether you are in a professional business or an author looking to build your audience, having a newsletter is a great way to connect.

I’ve spoken briefly about target market in the past so I will touch on it lightly here. The best way to find your target market is to find out how they spend their money. How do they receive their news? Some people aren’t big on checking emails but love to be updated by social media on what’s happening now. Others like to get the messages to their phone via a text or app update. Some may like to check their emails first thing in the morning. So you ask yourself how do I target my market when so many of my followers are in different places? Simple. You go to them. If you have to create a newsletter for only half of your followers, then you do it. You don’t want to miss out on a sale. If only a fourth of your followers are collecting their news via Instagram, then you go to them.

As an author, I make more money off ebooks than I do paperbacks. But, I still have quite a few readers who only purchase paperbacks. I make sure I go to them because I’m still making money in that area. So if you have followers who are checking their emails, it’s a good idea to have a newsletter set up just for them but still try to generate more subscribers to your newsletter. Promote it and let people know it’s there. Keep it fun, new and exciting. Don’t give your readers the same ole’ same ole’ every week. And make sure that you aren’t crowding their inbox but be consistent. If your newsletter comes every Monday, make sure they get it on that day every week.

Newsletters are a great way to target your market. Try adding it to your promotions!


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New Authors Spotlight Feature!

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DMP has a new feature on our blog. Authors, get a free feature on our blog. We spotlight various authors every Friday on our blog and social media sites. If you’d like to take advantage of this promotion, contact us today. We have open spaces!

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Picking the Right Book club!

It is important to pick the right Book club. Simply stated, you want to reach your target market. A Christian Fiction author should not send their book to a romance reading group. With this part of marketing, you want to always consider your target market.

Bookclubs are a great way to reach various readers. Most book club members are responsible for leaving book reviews and we all know reviews help book sales. So always consider the genre the members read before submitting your book for a read and review.

Also consider how active the book club is. Some book clubs only get together to read every few months. Some book clubs have members that are not active. You want to make sure you are seeking an active reading group within your preferred genre. The more active the members, the eager they are to read and review your book.

Lastly, be prepared. Be prepared to send copies to the members. Be prepared to be present for the end of the book meeting and be prepared to be interviewed. Not all book clubs do this but some request that the author be present whether face to face or online via skype or web cam.

Bottom line, always research the book club you are interested in. Keep in mind that most book clubs do not research an author or book until after the author has introduced it to them or a member has brought it to the attention of the other members. It is at this point that members began to research and find out more about the author, wanting to know if this book is a good read for the group.

Target market, be prepared, research!

The Importance of a Media Kit

A media kit is very important to have as an author and as a business owner. Many authors and writers are afraid of the word media kit when professionals ask them for it. Creating a media kit is simple and should always be included in any type of submission for your work.

Media kits let professionals know about you and your work. You should create a media for every book that you publish. The reason is, when you submit a request for a review or interview, most of the time authors are promoting their recent work. Their recent work is most likely a book they have published recently. So that professional is going to want to know about that particular book that is being promoted. So it’s a good idea to have a media kit for every one of your books.

It is okay to create a media kit for all books or a general media kit. This type of media kit should have everything about you and all of your work. It should not single out any particular book. The purpose of a media kit is to bring attention to something in particular so when doing a general media make sure that everything is included and you are not singling out one book.

As a business owner, you should also have a media kit. Business owners get interviewed as well and most professionals want a media kit so they can know more about you and know what questions to focus on in the interview.

Bottom line, it’s important to have a media kit. It’s a marketing tool that you will be asked to submit most of the time. We all know that marketing is a very tough part of writing and publishing a book. It is a means to an end; profiting from your hard work and in order to do that we have to promote to make a profit.

So what’s in a media kit? Let’s take a look.

The first thing you should put in your media kit is a bio. Your bio. Your bio should be written in third person and it should include a nice, professional picture of you.

The next thing that should be in a media kit is the book you are submitting about. Your synopsis and book cover should be included. That’s the focal point of the media kit.

Next, should be links. Your website, Facebook, Twitter, blog all social media networks. Wherever people can get in contact with you, those links should be there including an email address.

You should include reviews and interviews as well. Have you had book signings? Do you have pictures from events? Put those in there as well. Anything that is going to help market you, place it in your media kit.

You should start your media kit in Word and then transfer it to PDF. Make it look professional and well put together.

I always tell my clients that as an author, you should be able to do everything yourself. This is one of those things that you can do yourself!

But I also provide this service and can do it for you. If you are interested, contact me at

-Your Literary Mentor

Dominique Watson