Motivational Monday; Not Everything is Shaped like a Square

Hello Readers and Happy Monday!

Dare-To-Be-Different-LogoNot every day is going to be shaped like a square, four even sides. Some days are going to bend a little more to the left, a little more to the right. Some days may seem like they are a circle that just keeps going. What should be so motivating about this is that every day is different. Last Monday might have been the worst. Last month but have been unbearable. However, that does not determine what this week will be like or what today will be like.

Hold on to the fact that everything is changing. Nothing stays the same. There will always be good days and there will always be bad days. Get motivated!

Do not worry about what it was like yesterday…get motivated that everyday is not the same!

-Your Literary Mentor


Motivational Monday; Coming out of your Comfort Zone to get Motivated

Hello Readers! And Happy Monday!

images-2Coming out of your comfort zone can cause anxiety for a lot of people. If you are anything like me, you are a person of habit. You get the same thing from your favorite ice cream store. You get the same toppings on your pizza. You drink your coffee the same way every morning. So, when it comes to coming out of your comfort zone, it’s hard.

But I encourage you to come out of your comfort zone and try something new. If you are stuck and need to be motivated, come out of your comfort zone. This will for sure motivate you to get back into doing what you love and you never know, you might find something new that you love.

Don’t sit around waiting to get motivated…get out there and find something to be motivated about.

-Your Literary Mentor


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Motivational Monday; Organization to Stay on Task

Hello Readers and Happy Monday!

maxresdefaultOrganizing is very fun…to certain people. I, for one, love to organize and see things put into order. For me, organizing helps me stay on trask.

If you are like many people in today’s society, you struggle with staying on task. With so many things holding our attention, it’s hard to stay on task that’s why I suggest organizing to help you stay on task.

Lists are a great way to stay on task. If you have a list next to you, you are more than likely to glance at the list periodically to see what you have coming up next than to mentally wonder off on to something else.

You can also keep a timer or clock. Give yourself a deadline to work on one thing and one thing only.

Distraction free environment. If where you are working at is distraction free, you are more likely to stay on task.

These three things can help you stay on task and get the job done.

-Your Literary Mentor


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Motivational Monday; Embrace your off Day

Hello Readers!

Happy Labor Day!

29YNjHcu7VCkYquHLnpYDe-320-80Many of you are spending the day relaxing and enjoying your off day. And many of us, not only work on careers we are passionate about, but we also have 9-5’s that we go to every day. We have to make time to actually work on what we love. It’s natural for us to fall into a routine of simply work and home. But, we must find the time to actually embrace our off days. Make a list of things to do today to work on your business. How can you be productive to your business and yourself?

Don’t let the day go to waste. Embrace it!

-Your Literary Mentor


Motivational Monday: Follow the Inspiration

Hello Readers!

We’ve all got one or maybe two inspirational leaders that we look up to. Maybe they are in the industry in which we service or in a completely different industry. Either way, we’ve come in contact with someone that encourages, motivates and inspires us in a serious way.

As we walk into a new week, let’s learn to follow the inspiration. Wherever is comes from, social media, friends, family or even your favorite inspirational influencer, follow the motivation. Allow it to keep your grounded and focused and never let up.

Be sure to stay connected to what keeps you on your toes everyday. Whatever gets you out of the bed everyday…follow it!

-Your Literary Mentor


Motivational Monday; Reset your Goals

Hello Readers!

It’s a new week which means new goals, and a reset on our motivation.

bigstock-dream-big-set-goals-take-act-191570074-980x600Monday is always the day to start new goals. Working out, making lists, losing weight, making more money etc. Most people pick Monday to reset their goals. I hope you are one of those people who have reset their goals for the week. No matter what happened last week, this is a new week. Your motivation should be on reset. You should have a new list waiting on you this week, a whole new motivation.

I encourage you to use today to reset your goals. Get motivated. Think about your business, your dreams, the list in front of you. How can you make this reset work best for you?

It’s time to reset your goals and get motivated. Have a wonderful, prosperous week!!

-Your Literary Mentor


Motivational Monday; Getting the Help you Need

Hello Readers!!

Welcome to another Motivational Monday. Let’s talk motivation!

Don’t be afraid to ask for help, hire help. As we advance in this business, some things will become overwhelming. Sometimes we need the assistance of another professional or an assistant. I realize that it’s not easy to get the help you need in this business and I do realize that some people just aren’t cut out for helping. But don’t allow this to discourage you. Reach out. Ask anyway.

Google who or what you need. Find out who offers what and request their services. We can’t always do it all. Sometimes we have to take a step back and allow others to help us.

Use today to rearrange some things and humble yourself enough to know when you need assistance!


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