Be your Business and be Different

Today is the last day in the Small Business Week celebration. I had a lot of fun. I hope you all did too. I hope that somewhere this week you took the time to support a small business and in some kind of way, you’ve enhanced your own business.

It’s important to be different. They say all old things come back in style. This is very true. But it’s always done with a twist. How can you make something different and unique for your business? TBT on social media means Throwback Thursday where people post pictures about things that have happened years ago. Maybe TBT could stand for something different for your company but you are still getting into the excitement of Throwback Thursday.

Being different helps you stand out amongst your peers. It also helps your clients and customers to remember you and what you provide.

So as we end Small Business Week, I hope that I have given you some tools that you can apply to your own business. I hope to see you thriving into the future!

Best of luck!


Your Literary Mentor!

What Type of Leader are you?

Today is day four in our Small Business Week. I hope that you have been supporting each other this week.

Today I want to talk about leaders.

If you are in a leadership position, you should always appear as a leader, present yourself as a leader and be motivated like a leader. Of course, there are always people that have come before us but when we are placed into a leadership position, we must present ourselves in a way that reflects our business/brand and motivates people around us.

Sometimes, as a leader, how we used to act, the things we used to say or the way we used to respond, is no longer allowed. People are now watching you and will pick at anything you do or say. This reflects your business.

Leaders are not bossy, either. They lead with motivation, encouragement and strength. They have a team behind them that follows them as the lead in this business giving encouragement every step of the way.

When owning a business, we are automatically put into a leadership position and we must act and present ourselves accordingly. How we display ourselves reflects our business and those who are following us are watching.

So how do you want your business to be displayed? Classy, upscale, professional, pleasant, kind, warm and welcoming? I’d assume so. So take a step back and ask yourself, what type of leader are you?

-Dominique Watson

Your Literary Mentor

Branding your Business

It’s day three in the Small Business Celebration week. I hope that you have supported a small business this week.

Today I want to talk to you all about branding. Branding is a way of marketing you and all that you do. A brand starts with a unique name for a business then follows with certain colors and graphics to make it stand out. Then a logo is created for your business that’s unique only to your business. Then you place this logo on business cards, t-shirts, your website, social media sites etc. This is how you begin to brand.

Your business should be, like I said yesterday, everywhere that your clients are. So you want to make sure that your brand matches what you are trying to say and most importantly, what you want your clients and customers to remember.

So ask yourself today, have you started branding and are your clients and customers going to remember you?

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Your Literary Mentor

Know your Target Market

In celebration of Small Business Week, DMP is bringing you one inspirational blog topic a day. Today, we are talking about knowing your target market.

If you have to ask, well what is a target market then you have a lot to learn in the marketing business. The first thing any business owner should know is who their customers are. People, you’d say. Well of course they are people but some customers may even be animals. (Lots of people purchase things based off their pets excitement over the item) But let’s get back to the subject at hand. Target Market.

Your target market are the people you are targeting to buy your product. As a business owner, you have to find out where and who they are. Let me give you some examples. If you sell baby clothes, your obvious target market is going to be babies. All babies have parents and babies range from the age of newborn to one year old. Now at this point we’ve narrowed down our search to people who are parents with babies. Now, ask yourself, where do you mostly see these types of people. Definitely in a doctors office, at a day care, in grocery stores, baby stores at the mall etc. Then your next step is to find specific stores to target.

Now you must decide how you are going to get your product to them. The obvious choice is to try to sell your clothes in a baby store. But it’s not really possible to sell baby clothes in a grocery store or at the doctors office so then you’d think about putting an advertisement into a magazine or have flyers at this place that parents can get to. The advertisement is endless when you know who and where your target market is.

A bad investment in target marketing is advertising baby clothes in a home design magazine or looking for a quilt making store to sell your baby clothes in. (Unless they sell baby items) You want to place your product where you know your customers are going to be.

This is how you know your target market!

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-Dominique Watson

Your Literary Mentor!

Celebrating Small Business Week

Did you know that this week, May 2nd-May 6th is National Small Business Week? With Diamond M’Press Publications being a small business, we jumped on the opportunity to celebrate Small Business Week.

This week we have a lot of fun things planned. Promotions, discounts, advice and tips. Be sure to follow Small Business Week across all social media to stay connected. #smallbusinessweek

So why should you be celebrating small business? Normally, a small business is created by someone with a dream or passion. A bakery is developed, a craft shop. Maybe a handyman or a lawn service company. Small businesses have been around for years. The best part about a small business is that the person who is running the business has put something together that comes from a love for doing something or a passion.  For this, we should celebrate small business.

Diamond M’Press Publications is a publishing house as well as a literary agency. Created by me with authors and writers in mind, the story behind this business carries passion and motivation. Plus I love to support and assist my fellow writers.

So what business are you in? What are you celebrating this week? Find somewhere on social media to tell your story and let us know why you celebrate Small Businesses.

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See you tomorrow for day 2!

-Dominique Watson

Your Literary Agent