Social Media Wednesday: Buffer

Hello Readers!

social_media_servicesI recently started using Buffer. It’s an App for social media management. I LOVE this App. I am also a lover of Hootsuite. I’ve used Hootsuite for years but Buffer just seems so much better to me.

It allows you to have multiple accounts attached it to. It is free, initially, but in order to have multiple accounts, you have to pay a monthly fee for it. It allows you to use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus and LinkedIn. I definitely think it is worth investing into.

You can promote to up to ten accounts with the paid version a month. You set up the times you want to promote and it will alert you on your phone when it’s time to post one of the posts you’ve created. If you are struggling with Social Media Management, this App is for you. Some don’t particular care for it, but it doesn’t hurt to try it out and see if it works for you.

Sign up today!

-Your Literary Mentor

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Separating Business and Pleasure

Happy Friday!

I believe that we should separate business from pleasure. I know that I am not the only person that believes business and pleasure should not mix. It causes a lot of confusion and distance between two people who were relatively cordial with each other. But the separating of business and pleasure that I am talking about is on social media and I don’t mean the nonsense that goes on in the DM’s.

I’m talking about using your accounts for both business and pleasure. I am connected on a lot of social media accounts but with most of them, I have two accounts. One that’s personal and the other that is strictly for business.

A lot of people on Facebook do not know that I am married and have a child. That’s because I don’t post pics of them for others to see. Facebook has allowed us to create friend lists. I have separated my business associates from my family and close friends. So although my mother may see everything I post, a business associate will not. This is important, mostly because everybody doesn’t need to know everything. My child and my husband is of no concern to the people I do business with. So I don’t allow them to get a glimpse of my personal life.

On Twitter, I don’t even mention my personal life. It’s strictly for business.

I have three Instagram accounts. My personal, my author page and my business page. Again on my business page and my author page, I do not mix business with pleasure.

You should really look at your social media accounts and separate the two. Let’s be honest. We really do not know who we are meeting on social media. Some people are complete strangers and it’s easy for the wrong person to portray they are someone they are not. We should really protect those who mean the most to us and our personal lives.

Use this weekend to go through your social media sites and separate business from pleasure.

-Dominique Watson

Your literary Mentor