Authors in Business; 4 Elements to Selling a Book Online

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I-Wrote-A-BookSo last week on Wednesday I wrote a blog about the five elements to selling a book in a book store. Today I want to talk about the four elements of selling a book online.

If you missed the blog last week, check it out here.

So the question is what makes a person buy a book when they go into a book store. What makes someone pick your book over the hundreds of books that are in the store if they didn’t have the intentions of buying your book?

When we go to an online store such as Books a Million, Barnes and Noble, Amazon or iBooks, we browse in different genres, look for our favorite titles but most times, there are new releases advertised on the home page. Books that are on sale or books that are relevant to your resent searches.

So what are the four elements to selling a book online? Let’s take a look.

  1. It’s going to be the cover/title. That’s for sure. No matter where any reader is, it’s going to be the cover and title that gets the readers attention.
  2. The reader is then going to click on the cover and read the synopsis. The synopsis should be error free and detailed enough to sell the book after the cover.
  3. If the synopsis is good enough for their liking, they are then going to the reviews. Now this can’t be done in a book store, however, readers who are browsing online are going to read the reviews. This is why you want to promote readers to leave reviews. Reviews are extremely important. They can sell your book.
  4. After readers read the reviews and are sold they will do one of two things. They will either download the sample or download the book. 

So in the elements of selling a book online, there are only four but the elements are mostly the same. Make sure the cover can sell. Make sure the synopsis can sell. Make sure readers are leaving reviews. Sell them with the first paragraph or chapter of the book. And if a reader decides to go outside of the book store or the online store, make sure your website sells them. Make sure your social media sites and bios sell you and your work. Cross all your “T’s” and dot all of your “I’s”.

Sell your books in any way you can. All elements are important.

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Things to Consider when Publishing an Ebook

ebooks_2Ebooks are a thing of today in the literary field. Almost all books are in ebook format. For those seasoned authors who have been publishing books before most of us were even born aren’t too fond of the ebook but understand that times have changed and they must adapt to the change.

For authors and writers who are eager to get their book in ebook format here are a few things to consider.
Ebooks have their own ISBN

If you are interested in getting your book in ebook format you must keep in mind that it has to have its own ISBN. The ISBN is basically the product number. It’s the long number code on the back of the book. This identifies the book to what it is and if someone was to go searching for a book using that ISBN it would direct it to one particular book. Even if the book is in paperback, hardcopy and ebook format the ISBN stands alone for only one format.

If you’ve published your book in paperback and now want it in ebook format you will have to get an ISBN number for it. How can you do that? You can either purchase it yourself or have your publishing company do it for you.
You can convert the book yourself

You do not have to be computer smart to turn your book into an ebook. There are tons of websites and books about ebook format. All you have to do is research the topic and you’ll be doing it on your own in no time. If your publishing company does not offer this then doing it yourself is the way to go. If your publishing company does offer this well then you can skip over this article because there’s no need in you trying to find out how to put an ebook together. When searching for a publishing company finding out if they offer ebook formats is definitely important. Some people no longer buy paperback and only purchase ebook format books. You don’t want to exclude this market. In the world we’re in today you want to cross all of your t’s and dot all of you i’s. You may come across a reader who is interested in your book but only wants to buy the ebook version. If you don’t offer this, you’ve just lost a customer.

Keep in mind when turning your book into an ebook you want to make sure you have the rights to do so. If your book was self published, meaning you did everything yourself and you have the right to the book then you can go ahead and convert your book. But, if you’ve published through a company that retains the rights of your book then you do not have the right to turn your book into an ebook. Companies like this are traditional publishing companies and most P.O.D (Print on Demand) companies. This is why a lot of authors do not publish through P.O.D or Traditional because most of these companies take your rights to the book. You can’t turn it into an ebook unless they say so. You don’t have movie rights unless they say so. You always want to double check your contract because you could be signing over all your rights!

Ebooks can stand alone

The great thing about ebooks is that they can stand alone. They don’t have to be just another format of a book already in paperback or hardcopy. You can release a book in only ebook format and it can sell very well. That’s simply because the ebook market is on high demand right now. If you wanted to bypass all the publishing company drama and want a quick release, ebook is the way to go. With this you can do it all yourself and retain the rights for later publishing it as a paperback or hardcopy.

Many people in the literary field especially publishers make ebooks so difficult but truly they are not. Like any new thing you simply need to learn about it and then do it. I’ve learned a lot through self training. You can too. Don’t be intimated by ebooks and converting them or words like ISBN and retaining rights. Start from the beginning and take the right path. That means, picking the right publishing company, reading over the contract and knowing what’s at stake. Be sure of your decision knowing that you can’t go back until the contract is void. Learn all you can about ebook publishing and be well on your way to having your work in ebook format.

Last note. Remember! To publish on Kindle, iBooks, Nook and Kobo or different ebook formats!

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NEW RELEASE; Hunted by Author Dominique L. Watson

Author Dominique L. Watson has released her 18th book, Hunted. The second book in the Scarlett Fry Series. Read about the book below and purchase your copy!

About the Book

hunted-ebook-1Someone’s out for blood…

Detective Scarlett Fry is back in the highly anticipated follow up to Murder for Justice. Scarlett Fry has finally taken a vacation with her husband but somehow murder seems to follow her.

Away in southern Spain at the Cabana Resort, a couple is found dead. The locals can’t seem to figure out what has happened but it definitely looks like foul play. With no jurisdiction, Scarlett quickly gets back to her reason for the trip and forgets about the case…so she thinks.

Back in San Diego, Fry and Carr are handed a case.  A missing person?

A father is found dead in his car. His wife and son are missing. There’s no foul play but something just doesn’t seem right.  Eventually Scarlett’s time in Spain catches back up with her and she quickly learns that she’s hunting a man out for blood.

When revenge is best served cold, Scarlett and her team will do anything to bring this mother and son home safely.

Follow Detective Scarlett Fry in ‘Hunted’ as she travels across state lines to catch a heartless killer. A story with twists and turns you never saw coming.

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