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Workshop Discount!

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For the next four people, I’m taking $25 OFF the sign up price for the Help me Create a Page Turning Novel Workshop. Don’t miss out. Only four spots available!

Welcome to the Help Me Create a Page Turning Novel Workshop. In this course, writers will be taken through a four week course that will walk them through the steps to write a novel. At the end of the course, writers will be ready to write their next best seller. The workshop helps the writer get their ideas from their head on to paper so that they can prepare for the organization of their story. 

The course starts on September 1st, 2019 ending on September 24th, 2019. 

Writers will also join a Facebook group to interact with the other writers, networking and discussing various topics. Get the help you need in starting and finishing your novel!

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How to Tuesday: Develop Subplots

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Subplots are what I like to call the peanut butter and jelly to a PB&J. If the main story is the bread and we ate it alone, it would be a dull and dry sandwich.

Subplots are a secondary strand of the plot that is a supporting side story for any story or main plot. Subplots support the main story and sometimes the main characters or the sub characters. When one is wanting to develop a subplot, here are a few things to analyze

  • Is there something going on in the main character or sub characters life that can take on a life of its own, yet can’t stand alone without the main story?

If so this is a good subplot. Let’s say for instance Mary is a suspect in murdering her best friend. But she’s also the sister of her best friends husband. Her double life is the subplot. Let’s go a step further and say that Mary is a detective who is well respected in her community who is working on a case about the abduction of a single mother whose husband is most likely the culprit. But Mary is also a contract killer.

  • Is there a situation that is going on in the story that runs along with the main story?

If so, this is a good subplot. Insert your character into this situation. Make your character deal or solve this problem while solving their main problem, which is the main plot.

In order to create subplots, you have to first have built and created good characters. They need to be complex, have issues, have problems. Basically, they need to be human. You have to be able to pull something from them. Going through a divorce, a subplot could include emotional issues. Have abusive tendencies, you could create a subplot about this person abusing another character.

Another way is to pull subplots from the main story. If you had a story that was based off a woman getting over a heart break, you could include her now trying to be a single mother to a son who’s being rebellious, skipping school, having sex, being disrespectful. At the same time, her mother finds out she has cancer. She is then told that she has a new job where she is making three times what she’s currently making but the job is four states over. See the dilemma? The idea is to create conflict. So if you are struggling with sub plot development, you must create conflict within a situation or a character but make sure the characters are authentic, or the conflict won’t be true to your story or your character.

Need one on one mentoring? Contact us today about our services!

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Social Media Wednesday: Buffer

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social_media_servicesI recently started using Buffer. It’s an App for social media management. I LOVE this App. I am also a lover of Hootsuite. I’ve used Hootsuite for years but Buffer just seems so much better to me.

It allows you to have multiple accounts attached it to. It is free, initially, but in order to have multiple accounts, you have to pay a monthly fee for it. It allows you to use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus and LinkedIn. I definitely think it is worth investing into.

You can promote to up to ten accounts with the paid version a month. You set up the times you want to promote and it will alert you on your phone when it’s time to post one of the posts you’ve created. If you are struggling with Social Media Management, this App is for you. Some don’t particular care for it, but it doesn’t hurt to try it out and see if it works for you.

Sign up today!

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This Week’s Discount. 25% Off the Publishing Process. If you need help, looking to become a Self-Publisher, start your own company and just want the basics, contact DMP today on how to get started!

The Importance of Business Mentorship

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images-9I’ve had the pleasure of having many people who have been there done that in business help me get to the next level…we call them mentors.

It’s very important to have a mentor in whatever business you are in. It’s hard to find now a days, to be honest. Too many people are afraid of others who are on their tails for the title of success and no one wants to share. But every now and then you find someone who’s willing to be of help.

Having a mentor is also good because they can answer questions you may not have been able to answer yourself.  Business mentors should push, motivate and encourage you in business. When you find the one mentor to give you what you need to succeed in business, make sure to build on that relationship.

Now having a mentor doesn’t mean you need someone in any type of business to help you. It’s better to find a mentor in the same business you are in. If you are in design and your mentor is in construction, the two of you won’t be able to relate much. Finding a mentor in your own business field is a must. You can find a business mentor by simply making connections with people in your line of work or hiring someone who’s speciality is mentoring.

Anyone can be a mentor but people feel more comfortable with someone who has some years invested in what they are doing, someone who has some experience under their belt. Build your resume to reflect your experience. Make yourself welcoming and open to mentoring.

Whether you are looking for a mentor or looking to become a mentor, think about this one important thing: Help is always needed. Accept it and/or provide it! Remember where you were a few years ago in the beginning of your business…looking for help and wondering how to get started.

DMP is always taking new clients. Hire us today!

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Authors! Add your Book to our Book List!

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IMG_1907Authors!!!! Do you have a book on sale? For free? DMP is putting together a list of books that are listed at a discounted price or free. This is perfect for those who offer the first book in their series for free. Allow us to notify our readers about your discounted book(s). This newsletter will be going out sometime in August or September. Your book does not have to be on sale for the entire month of August or September. It just needs to be on sale or free during the promotion of the book list.

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This list is limited. We are on a first come, first serve bases. Allow us to support you!

If you are a reader and want to know how to get this book list, please email us!

Great way to reinvest in yourself! Start today!

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Using a Business Plan to Help your Literary Career

When people think about Business Plans, they think about starting a new business, needing money to start up this new company and quitting the job they already have. But a business plan is simply a guide to success.

A plan is very important to have in any type of situation or case. We have emergency plans, traveling plans, financial plans. But when it comes to the literary field, having a plan is just as important.

When we start writing books, the only thing on our mind is to have our book published and for someone to read it. We aren’t thinking of ten years from now. We aren’t thinking about marketing or promoting. We just want our book read and we want to reap the benefits from it. Simple as that. But when we start to make a career out of writing books, whether we have a full time job or not, it’s important to have a plan.

To start, you should make a list of short term goals and long term goals. Ask yourself general questions:

  • Where do you see yourself in five years?
  • What do you expect to reap from writing books?
  • Will you always have a full-time job or do you plan to quit and take on writing full-time?
  • Are you financially ready?

These are things to consider. Once you’ve asked yourself a ton of questions and have answers to those questions, it is now time to start making a plan; making those dreams come true.

This will mean that you will have to sacrifice in some places. You may need to do a better job at saving so you can hire a good editor. You may need to start promoting more so more people can get their hands on your book. You may have to spend an extra hour or two at night writing because you get home late from work each night. In anything that you do, it’s going to take hard work and sacrifice. But ask yourself, doesn’t the dream ahead sound well worth the sacrifice right now? Sure, it does! So, use this motivation to push ahead.

Your plan should not be tedious. It shouldn’t be hard in any kind of way and it should be attainable. Also, give yourself short term goals you can meet once a week or every month. Like spending a little more time researching an illustrator or editor, using your lunch break to eat and write, putting away twenty extra dollars each month. It’s all possible!

Consider your literary career a part time career. All of this hard work is a means to an end-beginning. Start creating a Business plan for your literary career so you can see your dreams come true!

-Your Literary Mentor

Author Friday: Scott Moses

head-shot-3Scott Moses lives in Flagstaff, AZ with his three dogs Shayna Punim, Archie, and Rinah among the majesty and clean air of the San Francisco Peaks. Graduating Summa Cum Laude with a degree in Human Resources Management, he left a promising career to be a full-time author. This is I his first novel.

Author website: (under construction)

Facebook link:

Instagram Link:

Twitter Link:

Title of book: Between Truth And Eternity

Purchase link:


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Need one on one help with your literary career? Hire Dominique as your literary mentor. Get help with your career in the specific area you need. Contracts are set at 3 and 6 months. Prices depend on the services needed. All services are at your disposal when signed to a 3 or 6 month contract. Contracts are for complete confidentiality from Diamond M’Press and our company. You are not signing with our publishing company only our literary agency. We accept all authors and writers no matter who you are signed with or if you have published a book or not.

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DMP is now gearing up for our next issue to come out on March 3rd. We have space available for our $5 Book Promotion and our $15 Book Promotion. View the details below!


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