Social Media Wednesday: Buffer

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social_media_servicesI recently started using Buffer. It’s an App for social media management. I LOVE this App. I am also a lover of Hootsuite. I’ve used Hootsuite for years but Buffer just seems so much better to me.

It allows you to have multiple accounts attached it to. It is free, initially, but in order to have multiple accounts, you have to pay a monthly fee for it. It allows you to use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus and LinkedIn. I definitely think it is worth investing into.

You can promote to up to ten accounts with the paid version a month. You set up the times you want to promote and it will alert you on your phone when it’s time to post one of the posts you’ve created. If you are struggling with Social Media Management, this App is for you. Some don’t particular care for it, but it doesn’t hurt to try it out and see if it works for you.

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Don’t Bite off More than you can Chew!

Business women on a chartHello Readers!

One thing I’ve seen a lot lately is business owners biting off more than they can chew. Placing themselves in a business category that their business has not reached yet. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great, wonderful to dream big but at some point you have to be realistic. If your company just hasn’t reached that level yet, you are not only fooling your customers but you’re following yourself.

One mistake is pricing. You have to know how to price your product, your service. You don’t want to price it too low, people won’t think much of your business and you don’t want to price it too high, people won’t think twice because it might not be worth that price. Now if you are going to price yourself or product high, you must be able to back that price up. If your shampoo costs $300 it better be the best shampoo on the planet! When people see a high price for a product that’s usually lower or that your price is at the higher end, people are going to analyze your company and see if you are really worth that amount. You better be able to back that price up.

Watch what you say. If you’ve got a big mouth as a business owner and speak a whole of words about your company, you better be able to back that up. You’re the best right? You better be the best. If not, customers will put you under a magnifying glass and see what you’re really about. Maybe instead of saying you are the best; you need to say we are one of the best. The best means there’s no other above you and no one can do it like you. Well when your customers go looking elsewhere and they find something better in quality and price, you’ve just found out that you are not the best.

As a business owner, you should be in reality with your company. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Take your time and leave room for error and growth.

Your Literary Mentor


Authors! Add your Book to our Book List!

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IMG_1907Authors!!!! Do you have a book on sale? For free? DMP is putting together a list of books that are listed at a discounted price or free. This is perfect for those who offer the first book in their series for free. Allow us to notify our readers about your discounted book(s). This newsletter will be going out sometime in August or September. Your book does not have to be on sale for the entire month of August or September. It just needs to be on sale or free during the promotion of the book list.

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Hire DMP as your Literary Mentor!

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Tuesday How to’s: How to Target my Market when my Followers are Everywhere.

Hello Readers and Happy Tuesday!

Today let’s talk about Target Marketing through Newsletters.

Newsletters are a great way to connect with your readers or your followers. Whether you are in a professional business or an author looking to build your audience, having a newsletter is a great way to connect.

I’ve spoken briefly about target market in the past so I will touch on it lightly here. The best way to find your target market is to find out how they spend their money. How do they receive their news? Some people aren’t big on checking emails but love to be updated by social media on what’s happening now. Others like to get the messages to their phone via a text or app update. Some may like to check their emails first thing in the morning. So you ask yourself how do I target my market when so many of my followers are in different places? Simple. You go to them. If you have to create a newsletter for only half of your followers, then you do it. You don’t want to miss out on a sale. If only a fourth of your followers are collecting their news via Instagram, then you go to them.

As an author, I make more money off ebooks than I do paperbacks. But, I still have quite a few readers who only purchase paperbacks. I make sure I go to them because I’m still making money in that area. So if you have followers who are checking their emails, it’s a good idea to have a newsletter set up just for them but still try to generate more subscribers to your newsletter. Promote it and let people know it’s there. Keep it fun, new and exciting. Don’t give your readers the same ole’ same ole’ every week. And make sure that you aren’t crowding their inbox but be consistent. If your newsletter comes every Monday, make sure they get it on that day every week.

Newsletters are a great way to target your market. Try adding it to your promotions!


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DMP News: Social Media Promotion

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DMP will be launching its magazine Literary Digest on November 4th. We plan to feature authors, writers and business owners. This magazine will be filled with anything literary.

Our promotion spotlight for this week is Social Media promotion. What you will be able to do with this promotion is have a status created that we will place in rotation for the number of days or weeks you are interested. This status will be posted on our Facebook and Twitter page. Then we will place your graphic on out Instagram page in rotation for the number of days or weeks that you will be promoting with us. This also comes with a FREE book review and book promotion in our magazine. Can’t beat that. I have posted the information below. Inquire accordingly and let us feature you!

Promote your book, event etc on DMP’s Facebook and Twitter page. Status and tweets will be set up for you. All you will need to do is provide the content you’d like for us to promote on our pages.

One Day Promotion: $10 (8 posts and tweets in one day. Image promoted once on our Instagram page.)
Three Day Promotion: $15 (8 posts and tweets per day. Image promoted twice each day on our Instagram page. Free Book Review and Book Promotion in our magazine )
One Week Promotion: $25 (8 posts and tweets per day. Image promoted three times a day for the duration of your promotion on our Instagram page. Free Book Review and Book Promotion in our Magazine.)
Two Weeks Promotion: $40 (8 posts and tweets per day. Image promoted three times a day for the duration of your promotion on our Instagram page. Free Book Promotion and Book Review in our Magazine)
Three Weeks Promotion: $55 (8 posts and tweets per day. Image promoted three times a day for the duration of your promotion on our Instagram page. Free Book Promotion in magazine and Free Book Review)
Four Weeks Promotion: $70 (8 posts and tweets per day. Image promoted three times a day for the duration of your promotion on our Instagram page. Free Book Promotion in magazine and Free Book Review)

Subject: Social Media Promotion

Include in the email:
Name of the promotion you choose
Graphic to go along with promotion
Text (EDITED) you would like for us to use in the promotion.
Please be sure to read over your text for errors. Use hashtags and tag yourself in the message (use twitter) be sure to also use one link.

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